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It’s more about the crusty, spongy in the middle, toasty seeds on top, breads than anything I put on my homemade sandwiches. I’m a bread lover not a bread baker and my toppings are simple, like my tuna salad with truckloads of crunch from diced celery.

Bread Lover's Tuna Salad | Random Sweetness Baking

We hit the road this weekend to New Ulm, Minnesota for a girls hockey tournament. It’s one of the few towns within hours of us that I know still has a small-town bakery. Like the town’s streets, German history wafts from The Bäckerei’s ovens.

The Backerei and Coffee Shop in New Ulm MN

We bought dark buns brushed with a hint of butter and a sprinkle of salt. We ate them before we left town. The other one, pictured at top, was called “something in German that I don’t remember,” and “they are like an onion bread.” Whatever it is, a crunchy tuna salad goes perfect right on top of it. (And yes, it really was orange.)

Even though you likely have your own favorite tuna salad recipe, it’s a good reminder to stop and smell the fresh bread once in a while. Bring a loaf home and make yourself a special sandwich.

Staci’s Simple Tuna Salad

1 (2.6 ounce) package Albacore white tuna in water

1 Tablespoon finely diced red onion

chopped celery, I use at least 1/2 cup

mayonnaise to taste

a few shakes of Worcestershire sauce

a few dashes of onion salt

a few dashes of garlic powder

pepper to taste

enough lettuce leaves to cover the entire bread

sliced red peppers

a couple of slices of your most favorite bread in the whole world

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Crunchy Deli Wraps

You don’t really need a recipe for these fresh veggie and deli meat wraps. I call these our “camping “wraps because the first time I made them was when we camped at Bunker Hills Regional Park in Minnesota with my sister, Heidi, and her husband Will and my nephews Cody, Garritt and Travers. I’m not much of a camper—at all. As in, a full-size camper with beds, table, kitchen, shower, toilet and air conditioning is roughing it according to my idea of vacation accommodations. What I did learn though, is that I can make a killer meal without an oven, sour cream or pasta.

These make a nice light meal in the summer; we’ve been eating them for lunch all week. The best part is that you can use your favorite vegetables—from the garden or your local farmer’s market—and your favorite deli meats and cheeses.

Crunchy Deli Wraps

Tortillas, any kind, burrito-size

Cream cheese spread (we like Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese spreads)

Fresh vegetables, sliced and diced (we use red & green pepper, red onion, lettuce, shredded carrot and sometimes tomatoes and cucumbers)

Cheese, shredded or deli slices

Deli meat

Dash of onion salt

Something I really like about these wraps is the convenience of making fresh wraps all week long. I cut up all my vegetables and store them in the refrigerator so I can make fresh wraps each morning to take to work with me.

Assembly is easy. Simply spread your favorite cream cheese on the tortillas (we really like the Garden Vegetable). To one side of the tortilla, layer your favorite deli meat, sprinkle the meat with a little onion salt,  and add cheese and vegetables. Roll it up and cut it cross-wise in the middle. I roll them up tightly in aluminum foil so that when it’s time to eat them, they keep their shape nicely. (I wish that trick worked for me, although I’ve never seen a roll of aluminum foil that long…) They hold up well in the refrigerator for up to 12 hours. Any more than that and the tortillas start to get soggy from the vegetables.

If you like chicken caesar salads, these are good with shredded rotisserie chicken, caesar dressing, parmesan and asiago cheeses, romaine lettuce and crushed croutons.

If you like spicy Mexican food, use shredded rotisserie chicken, southwest spices, hot sauce, shredded mexican cheeses, onion, tomatoes, lettuce and crushed tortilla or corn chips.

How will you make these wraps to your favorite tastes? Spicy, vegetarian, Asian?

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